Christian's Dream

Christian's Dream

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Dream Kid Christian

About Christian

Name: Christian

Lives with: A spinal cord injury

Referred by: Levine Children's Hospital

Hometown: Chester, SC

Favorite Sport: football

One summer ago, Christian, an 18-year-old from Chester, SC was living the life of an active teen who was focused on starting his final year of high school and making plans for his future. And then, in the blink of an eye, his path took a very different turn. Christian sustained a spinal cord injury due to a swimming accident leaving him with limited mobility in his arms, no mobility in his legs, and dependent on a wheelchair, tracheostomy, and ventilator.
With an accident of that severity, some might wonder how a kid his age moves forward. We can’t answer that for everyone, but for Christian, it’s his good attitude and positive outlook that keep him focused on what he CAN do rather than his limitations. This good ‘ole country boy is extremely smart, kind, and full of joy – his personality is truly uplifting. He’s a testament to how to overcome adversity!
Since Christian was a boy, he has loved the game of football and the New England Patriots. His team loyalty wasn’t passed down from his family or developed based on his area code – but he would argue with any NFL fan that the 5x Super Bowl champs are the best in the NFL. His dream is to spend time with the team he loves so much. Having this Dream Experience to look forward to is just the thing to remind Christian that with teamwork anything is possible!

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