Tucker's Dream

Tucker's Dream

Dream Kid Tucker Dream Kid Tucker

Dream Kid Tucker

About Tucker

Name: Tucker

Lives with: Spina bifida and epilepsy

Referred by: Levine Children's Hospital

Hobbies: wheelchair basketball

Favorite Sport: basketball, football

Sports Hero: Drew Brees

Tucker Graham Anderson is an outgoing and open-hearted 10-year-old boy diagnosed with Spina Bifida/Hydrocephalus. He is a welcome presence in any room, immediately treating those he meets kindly with comforting ease. He is self-motivated and of the mindset that nothing can keep him from achieving his goals in life with the right attitude.

Tucker’s strong will and drive have served him well amidst his diagnosis. Due to having little muscle tone from the waist down, he uses braces, crutches, and a wheelchair in order to navigate his daily life. He does this all with a smile and a look of determination on his face, seeking inspiration from his sports heroes. One hero in particular who inspires Tucker to continue defying odds is Drew Brees. Tucker is inspired not only by Brees’ football career but by his Christian faith, which has been a source of encouragement in Tucker’s own life. With the help of his strong family unit, personal heroes, and undeniable spirit, Tucker has not let his diagnosis keep him from participating in sports. He plays for the Rollin’ Hornets, a wheelchair basketball team in Charlotte, and finds his joy on the court.

With a spirit of sheer determination and a desire to achieve greatness, Tucker embodies the values that sports instill in players. His love of football has not only given him an escape but brought him, role models, to turn to during difficult times. Despite being a dedicated fan, Tucker has not yet had the opportunity to attend a professional football game. His dream is to spend time with his hero, Drew Brees.

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