Meet Aidan

Meet Aidan! This 17-year-old knows what it means to enjoy the little moments in life. Aidan’s joy and natural curiosity is contagious to those around him.

Aidan lives with Autism, which can make it difficult for him to connect and communicate with his peers. In addition to his Autism diagnosis, at the age of five Aidan was diagnosed with bi-lateral hearing loss and enlarged vestibular aqueduct syndrome. Both conditions affect Aidan’s hearing, and as he grows his hearing ability will continue to decrease.

However, spend 10 minutes with Aidan and you will only hear positivity from this young man. It’s evident you are in the presence of a dreamer.

The West Cabarrus Junior Dream Team has selected Aidan as their 2023 Dream Recipient. The team sees the impact Aidan has on their community and they are excited to celebrate their peer!