Meet Alex

Meet Alex, a 15-year-old from Indian Trail, NC. This ambitious teenager has big dreams for her future and an unyielding mindset to make it happen. In 2021, Alex received the diagnosis of Hodgkin Lymphoma. 

Following the diagnosis, Alex endured 3 months of an experimental chemotherapy treatment. During that time, Alex battled exhaustion and the realization her daily would drastically change. Alex had to temporarily press pause on many things she loved like time with friends and basketball.  

Despite the challenges she has facd, Alex has stayed strong throughout.  “I will never let an injury or condition stop me from getting back into the game,” she says. Alex hopes to one day be good enough to play D1 or D2 college basketball, and maybe even get drafted into the WNBA. Her sports dream is to be a VIP at the Los Angeles Lakers game, in California!

Alex's Dream

On game day Alex and her family made their way to Arena where they had dinner at the Lexus Club and then it was courtside for the pre-game shoot around. Alex loved chatting with the players, Juan Toscano-Anderson, Kendrick Nunn and Austin Reaves all helped make that experience extra special. Austin Reaves is a huge fan favorite and Alex loved cheering him on the entire night! The Lakers had a big Q4 and took the WIN over the Nuggets which was the perfect end to a perfect day.

Other fun moments in California included a VIP dinner at The Capital Grille, a behind the scenes tour of Warner Brothers Studio, Six Flags Magic Mountain, a trip to In-N-Out Burger for a west coast burger and dinner at The Odyssey in Granada Hills.

Dream Snapshots