Meet Avery

Meet, Avery, the sweetest freshman that you can imagine from Fort Collins, Colorado. The girliest of girly girls, Avery loves shopping and getting her nails done almost as much as she loves the Denver Nuggets and the sport of basketball.

At the young age of 8 years old, Avery unfortunately had to stop playing basketball and other sports as she began her battle with her life altering condition.

What spiraled as quickly as it started, Avery had to be hospitalized and went through various courses of treatment to overcome countless medical complications such as fragile bones and heart complications.

Avery is now in a great place and has a refreshed outlook and a strong support system of friends and family around her. Avery is now enjoying her first year of high school where she loves going to Friday night football games with her friends. Avery is on a mission to continue her path to wellness and hopes to be able to get off the sidelines and back on a basketball court soon!

Avery finds inspiration from the Nuggets players just as much as we are inspired by her grit, determination, and always-smiling resilient- self!

Avery's Dream

Sweet Avery’s Denver Nuggets Dream kicked off with shock turning into pure joy as Avery was surprised by her family and the DO3 team as she got home from school. The crew climbed into their limo and headed to Chipper’s Lanes for some fun. After dinner at Torchy’s the crew arrived in Denver and headed to bed to prep for a fun-filled day two.
The next day, Avery enjoyed some serious pampering getting her nails, hair, and makeup done – shout out Beauty and the Babes for highlighting Avery’s natural beauty flawlessly! Once ready, the crew headed Cava for lunch followed by time at Puttshack.
From here, we arrived at Ball Arena where Avery was surprised with an autographed Nikola Jokić jersey and Nuggets swag! Everyone loved the arena tour which included seeing the championship trophy, locker room, and practice court. From here, the crew watched warmups courtside and even met a number of players!
Avery and her family enjoyed the game from a private suite and made memories that will last a lifetime while snacking on some yummy stadium food.
On the last day together, everyone enjoyed time at Happy Camper Denver sharing pizza and smiles with the amazing Happy Camper team!
A huge shout out to our friends with the Kroenke Sports Charities for taking incredible care of Avery and the entire crew. We are incredibly grateful for their continued support of our Dreamers and their families.

Dream Snapshots

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