Meet Chase

Meet Chase, an outgoing and determined 18-year-old from Lockesburg, Arkansas! Chase loves fishing, hunting, and dirt bike racing. He’s an avid outdoorsman and never misses out on an opportunity to embrace the beauty of God’s creation.

In January 2022, Chase was in a dirt bike accident that resulted in a C4-C5 spinal cord injury. Throughout the recovery process, he took control of his future by focusing on his goals and setting them in motion. The strongest factor of success during Chase’s physical therapy was his self-motivation. He believed he can do it, that he deserves it, and that he will get it! His motto “Never Say Can’t” is a testament to his strength.

This brave-hearted young man dares to face life’s challenges and finds comfort in motivating everyone around him. Chase’s ultimate goal is to ride his dirt bike again, proving he is greater than this obstacle. Chase admires X Games legend, Travis Pastrana, and loves following his professional career. His sports dream would be to spend the day with his motocross idol!