Meet Chase

Meet Chase, an outgoing and determined 18-year-old from Lockesburg, Arkansas! Chase loves fishing, hunting, and dirt bike racing. He’s an avid outdoorsman and never misses out on an opportunity to embrace the beauty of God’s creation.

In January 2022, Chase was in a dirt bike accident that resulted in a C4-C5 spinal cord injury. Throughout the recovery process, he took control of his future by focusing on his goals and setting them in motion. The strongest factor of success during Chase’s physical therapy was his self-motivation. He believed he can do it, that he deserves it, and that he will get it! His motto “Never Say Can’t” is a testament to his strength.

This brave-hearted young man dares to face life’s challenges and finds comfort in motivating everyone around him. Chase’s ultimate goal is to ride his dirt bike again, proving he is greater than this obstacle. Chase admires X Games legend, Travis Pastrana, and loves following his professional career. His sports dream would be to spend the day with his motocross idol!

Chase's Dream

Chase and his family flew from Arkansas to meet up with the Dream Team in Salt Lake City. They landed in SLC and were picked up by our friends at Park City Passport. Check out those amazing shoes they gifted Chase! Then it was off to The Grand America Hotel where the staff had left Chase and his family a fun snack basket.

The next day, the Dream Team spent the morning throwing axes at Social Axe Throwing SLC. Everyone had a great time and it was the perfect way to spend the morning before heading to the track.

When they say “cars that fly, tracks that thrill” they mean it! Chase got to watch the races from the Nitro Club and VIP areas and he loved every second of it. While in the VIP area, we ran into Debbie Pastrana, Travis’ mom. After hearing Chase’s story she made sure that he was introduced to everyone!

Chase met Bruce Cook, a member of Nitro Circus and the first paraplegic to land a backflip on a motorcycle. Speaking with someone who has a similar story to Chase was so inspiring for him! He also met several other Nitro Circus members, Cleetus McFarland and even got to sit in an adaptive car made by the High Fives Foundation and Return to Dirt.

The highlight of the night though was getting to meet Travis Pastrana! We’re so thankful for the time he spent speaking and hanging out with Chase. Chase really admires Travis and it was an awesome end to an already incredible day!

Later that night, Chase got to spend more time with Travis Pastrana and even got to go inside his tent and see his car up close. He then got to meet one of Travis’ teammates, Conner Martell. Chase is also a big fan of Conner’s, so this was so exciting for him. We can’t thank both of them enough for taking the time in between races to hangout with Chase.

Then we ran into Diesel Dave and Skeeter Builds It working on Diesel Dave’s van for the Nitro Circus Van Prix. They let Chase paint “Chase’s Dream” on it and then they changed their Superman S into a C for Chase! Chase had a blast getting to talk with these guys and was so excited to watch the van race.

We ended the day watching the Nitro Circus perform some motorcycle jumps and also ran into WWE wrestler, Adam Scherr aka Braun Strowman. It was such a fun day from beginning to end. Later that evening we asked Chase if it was a Dream come true and he told us “more than a Dream come true!”

Sunday was the last day of Chase’s Dream and we ended it in a totally unique and special way…by taking Chase hunting! Chase and his family love spending time outdoors and enjoying hunting together. With the help of Mike from Do_Utah, we were able to team up with Kelly from Big Mountain Hunting Ranch to provide Chase and his family access to the hunting ranch. We also worked with Warren and Kenneth from Chairbound Sportsman to have this awesome track chair for Chase to use. This all-terrain wheelchair made it possible for him to guide himself during the hunt.

We loved getting to connect with all these wonderful organizations to make this day possible. Our new friend that we met at the Nitrocross races, Skeeter Builds It, even joined us! They had a very successful hunt and Chase really enjoyed every minute of it!

Dream Snapshots

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