Meet Colburn

Meet Colburn, from Durham, NC – a nine year who is the life of the party no matter where he goes. He is courageous and has overcome so many obstacles in his life already. He loves Mario Party and spaghetti almost as much as he loves Tar Heel Basketball!

Although Colburn has a bigger than life personality, other kids tend to have a hard time understanding him and don’t always accept or play with him. This has affected his ability to form relationships with typical children. While this has always been hard, Colburn just wants to “be treated like the others,” and he never lets it stop him from having fun!

Colburn has his struggles, but there are many things he loves doing. He loves to read, dance, watch YouTube, and play basketball. He currently plays with a buddy he’s paired with and loves to put on the uniform. He has a great support system at home with mom and dad along with three sisters, who encourage him relentlessly.

This elementary schooler has shown us how to persevere through life’s trials and not to take anything too seriously. If only we could all treat life like Colburn does.

The UNC Collegiate Dream Team cannot wait to make his UNC Chapel Hill Men’s Basketball Dream come true!