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Daniel is a strong and kind young man who has recently faced many struggles. In the last two years all of us endured the challenges of a global pandemic however, during that time DanieI was also diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer called T-Cell Lymphoma. At an age when he should be starting college or entering the workforce, he’s had to put those things on hold to get the ongoing treatment and chemo he needs to survive.

Prior to his diagnosis, Daniel spent much of his time riding and caring for horses. He is hopeful that he will one day become a horse trainer. Although those dreams have been temporarily halted, he draws inspiration from his favorite NBA player, Steph Curry. Curry’s belief in “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13) also brings Daniel strength and motivates him to keep on pushing in his toughest moments.

Daniel’s sports dream is to go to a Golden State Warriors game.

Daniel's Dream

Daniel lived his best Golden State Warriors life watching them beat the 76ers 120-112! The crew received a VIP tour of the Chase Center that ended with a courtside view of warmups. They got to see Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Jordan POOLE up close, which Daniel loved. Everyone had a blast and declared “dream come true” after the game ended.

Daniel’s Dream Experience also included a boat tour of the San Francisco Bay, GoCars tours, delicious dinners, time at Ghirardelli Square, a Warriors Store shopping spree, amazing accommodations, and more!

Thank you to Main Street Insurance Group and Keystone Insurers Group, Inc. for sponsoring Daniel’s Dream!

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