Emmanuel's Dream

Meet Emmanuel

Meet Emmanuel – a sophomore enrolled at North West Cabarrus High School who has battled end-stage kidney disease for the past four years. During this time, Emmanuel’s day-to-day life has looked drastically different compared to his peers.

Emmanuel has spent each night hooked up to a machine in order to endure the discomfort of 10-hour dialysis sessions. However, dialysis does not fully replace all the kidney’s functions, so it is not considered a cure for kidney disease. Ultimately, Emmanuel was in desperate need of a transplant.

In February 2023, the prayers of Emmanuel, his family, and the community were answered. After four years of placing his life on hold, Emmanuel received his long-awaited kidney transplant!

Emmanuel is thriving and this 15-year-old loves soccer and admires world-class fútbol athlete, Lionel Messi. Emmanuel dreams of visiting Miami to watch him play!