Meet Eric

Meet Eric! This incredibly athletic and talented 13-year-old loves ALL sports – football, baseball, soccer, and especially basketball!

Eric lives with Down syndrome, but that doesn’t stop him from being an absolute Renaissance man when it comes to sports. He plays a little bit of everything and is well on his way to becoming a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

In addition to sports, Eric loves music, Black Panther, playing on his Xbox, his two older brothers, and board games. He has a zest for life, a sarcastic sense of humor, and a laugh that is contagious.

Previously, Eric has attended Victory Day, hosted by UNC Charlotte. At this event, his love of UNCC sports grew, especially after he made friends with the UNCC mascot, Norm!

Eric’s passion is basketball and he believes he can do anything! Eric’s ultimate sports Dream would be to be a VIP at a UNC Charlotte basketball game and thanks to the UNCC Dream Team, that Dream will be coming true!

Thank you to our National Collegiate Dream Team Sponsor, Volvo Construction Equipment