Meet Gavin

Meet Gavin, AKA “Gavin the Great”! This 19-year-old from Mooresville, NC is a social butterfly and has never met a stranger. Gavin lives with a chromosomal abnormality, which has caused developmental delays. Despite his life-altering condition, Gavin loves to unite the community at Mooresville High School and is a constant reminder to embrace kindness.

Without a doubt, Gavin has an undeniable love for wrestling; and has become a key supporter of the Mooresville HS Blue Devils Wrestling program. Gavin received official gear from the coach and never misses the opportunity to practice his “take down” move on his close friends!

This outgoing teenager is a WWE super-fan and dreams of attending a live match. Gavin’s been chosen as a Dream Recipient by the Mooresville Junior Dream Team and these students are excited to be “All in for Gavin” and help make his WWE dream come true!

Gavin's Dream

Disguised as a pep rally to honor the spring and winter sport athletes, all of Mooresville High School gathered in the gym to help surprise Gavin. Gavin LOVES wrestling and is a key supporter of the Mooresville HS Blue Devils Wrestling program. For his sendoff, the cheerleaders made him a special banner and he even got to wrestle two of the Mooresville HS wrestlers. From here, Gavin and his family jumped on a plane to D.C. for the WWE Friday Night SmackDown!

In addition to Friday Night SmackDown, Gavin and his family enjoyed time at the International Spy Museum, who rolled out the red carpet for our guy. After a fun day in the Nation’s Capital, Gavin sat FRONT ROW where he couldn’t stop smiling. The highlight of the night was when Charlotte Flair saw him at the beginning of the match, pointed at him and smiled. The entire section was so excited for Gavin. Then, after her match she came over to say hi and give him a hug and it was the only thing he could talk about for the rest of the night!

Gavin’s Dream Leader, Brad, said that as they walked back after the event, you could just feel the happiness radiating off of Gavin and you just knew that Gavin had the best Dream Experience of his life!

Thank you so much to the Mooresville High School Jr. Dream Team for helping make Gavin’s Dream come true!

Dream Snapshots

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