Meet Jackson

Meet Jackson! This 18-year-old is an inspiration to everyone he meets. Jackson’s biggest passion in life is basketball and received a collegiate scholarship in hopes to continue playing the game he loves at the next level.

Before Jackson had the opportunity to live out that dream, he was involved in a single car accident. As a result of the accident, Jackson spent months of his senior year in a coma and later emerged with a traumatic brain injury. However, Jackson did not give up and was determined to walk across the stage at his graduation. Through self motivation and support from his family and friends, Jackson accomplished this goal.

Currently, Jackson regularly attends physical therapy and fights daily to regain his communication skills and strength. Through all the adversity, Jackson aspires to use his story to help others by becoming a motivational speaker.

Jackson admires NBA players like Kevin Durant and Carter Irwin. These players remind Jackson of his own personal strength and continuous fight. Jackson’s ultimate sports dream will come true when he sees his role models play at a Brooklyn Net’s game!

Jackson's Dream

When Jackson arrived in New York, he was met by the Dream Team with personalized fatheads and whisked away in a limo to take him on a shopping spree at the NBA Store! He loved being able to get new gear for the game. Then it was off to dinner at Verde on Smith! The staff truly gave Jackson the VIP treatment and even brought out cake to celebrate Jackson’s birthday early.

After a wonderful dinner, Jackson and the Dream Team headed to the New York Marriott At The Brooklyn Bridge to check in for their stay. Jackson was so surprised to find a goodie bag from the hotel waiting for him in his room to welcome him. The team then spent the next morning doing a walking and food of Brooklyn with the Tour Guide Angelo. He was the best! Jackson loved learning about the history of Brooklyn and getting to go over the Brooklyn Bridge.

In the evening, the Dream Team headed to the Barclays Center for the Brooklyn Nets game. Jackson and his family got to sit court side and watch the players warmup. Almost immediately, Mikal Bridges came up to talk with Jackson! Jackson was so excited to meet him, he jumped out of his chair. They had a great time chatting with each other. Several other players came over as well and Jackson had them all laughing and smiling! All the players were so great and they each signed Jackson’s jersey.

After warm ups it was time to head to the seats. Jackson was recognized on the big screen at halftime and the Nets came away with the win! It was the most amazing way to end the trip. We can’t thank the Nets enough for all they did to make this an experience Jackson will remember forever.

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