Meet Myles

Meet Myles! This 14-year-old is the life of the party who never misses an opportunity to be part of the action. Myles lives with Hemimegalencephaly, a rare genetic condition that causes part of the brain to be abnormally larger than the rest. Due to his condition, Myles lives with developmental delays and a lack of mobility.

Myles’ goal in life is to be seen and heard. From birth, medical professionals have claimed that his quality of life would be questionable and this statement has become his motivation. Despite the continued judgement this young man faces, cheering on others has always brought him the joy. This amazing character trait leads to his love for mascots! Mascots and Myles share a heart for supporting others.

Myles enjoys everything about the atmosphere of America’s pastime – baseball! Instead of enjoying peanuts and Cracker Jacks, you can find him enjoying a cheeseburger while he roots for his favorite team, the Baltimore Orioles.

Myles has been chosen as a Dream Recipient by the Georgetown Collegiate Dream Team. These students are excited to help him achieve his sports dream of being on field at Oriole Park at Camden Yards with the players and The Oriole Bird!