Nicholas's Dream

Meet Nicholas

Meet Nicholas, the most positive and astounding young man you will meet! Nicholas loves to sweat and to compete in his favorite sport, tennis. His goal was to play D1 tennis in college, but his pursuit came to a halt a few weeks after high school graduation.

After noticing spots on his stomach, Nicholas was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, a rare type of cancer that affects his bone marrow and blood. Nicholas continues to overcome inpatient chemotherapy cycles, where he stays for one month at a time to receive care and to recover.

Through everything, Nicholas has maintained his mental strength and positivity. He encourages those around him, posting positive quotes on his door every day. He continues to impact others and wants to continue that after he graduates college. Once he is in remission and released, Nicholas is committed to pursuing his goal of playing D1 tennis in college.

We are so excited to make Nicholas’s sports dream come true, so he can see the athletes that continue to inspire him!