Noah's Dream

Meet Noah

Meet Noah, a resilient 13-year-old from Fort Mill, SC, who loves listening to his favorite sports announcers, Jason Bennetti and Joe Tessitore. Noah never misses an opportunity to watch them announce and because of them, he aspires to become a sports broadcaster when he grows up. Jason Benetti, a renaissance man of sports broadcasting even shares a special connection with Dream Kid, Noah. Both live with Cerebral Palsy and have a passion for the sports community.

Noah had a stroke shortly after birth which resulted in a severe brain bleed and his Cerebral Palsy diagnosis. Although, Noah’s motor skills have been impacted, nothing holds this outgoing 12-year-old back from being involved in the world of sports! Noah loves playing wheelchair basketball and showing everyone his fierce determination in life.

This future commentator admires the signature humor of both Jason Bennetti and Joe Tessitore. Noah even named his dog “Joe Bennetti” in honor of the voices behind the sport and his role models! With that being said, Noah’s ultimate sports dream is to meet Jason Bennetti or Joe Tessitore and announce a game together!