Nolan's Dream

Meet Nolan

When Nolan was just a toddler, he was diagnosed with Primary Immunodeficiency, a rare, genetic disorder that impairs the immune system and causes him to get severely ill from infections. His initial treatment included rounds and rounds of antibiotics, but by the time he was 3.5 years old, his treatment plan began to include infusions. As Nolan grew up and began to understand that the medicine he was receiving was to keep the “Bad Guys” (germs) away, he also decided to take control of his own infusions. He began by removing the needles in his legs and now he puts the needles IN his legs… all by himself!

Nolan loves pizza, playing Roblox, and the movie “Pixels”, but most of all he loves to be outside playing soccer. His sports dream is to play soccer on a big field with some professional soccer players. The Dream Team is excited to help make Nolan’s dream come true because this happy, brave boy shows everyone that his positive mental attitude is something to be admired!

Nolan's Dream

A Dream Come True!

Nolan, an eight-year-old living with Primary Immunodeficiency, had a Dream to “play soccer on a big field with professional players.” Earlier this year, Nolan’s Dream came true as he spent two days with Charlotte FC thanks to NARI Charlotte. While we knew Nolan’s Dream weekend would be special, what we didn’t know is that the most special part would be the time Nolan was able to spend with his dad, Buddy.

Nolan spent Friday, May 6 on field at Bank of America Stadium with the entire Charlotte FC team. The team signed autographs, spent time with Nolan and his family, and included Nolan in drills on field. The family received a behind-the-scenes tour of the stadium, including the Charlotte FC locker rooms. This special day also included a family dinner and time at Topgolf. Despite living with stage four colon cancer, Nolan’s Dad, Buddy, smiled the entire day.

On Saturday, when Nolan was to take the field for the Charlotte FC game vs. Inter Miami, Buddy was unable to attend. Even though Buddy was unable to be there in person, he was certainly there in spirit (and on signs held by the family). The Dream On 3 family is deeply saddened to share that Buddy has since passed. When Nolan’s mom, Buddy’s wife, shared the news with us, she said that Nolan’s Dream Day was “Buddy’s last good day.” She said, “If Nolan’s Dream has been any other day, he wouldn’t have been able to be a part of it.”

We share this Dream recap with love for the Holson family and in memory of Buddy Holson, who passed just 16 days after Nolan’s Dream after a four-year battle with colon cancer. In Buddy’s memory, “Keep Pounding” and “Chop on!”

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