Meet Ru

Meet Ruth, aka Ru, who is an athletic, talented, and incredibly sweet 13-year-old! Ru, who loves basketball, is a part of the all-star wheelchair basketball team, the Roger C. Peace Rollin’ Tigers.

Ru was adopted from China at just four years old. When Ru joined her family in 2015, she wasn’t able to sit up on her own or communicate. Through hard work and dedication, Ru has shown tremendous growth in her physical abilities and has excelled in her sport of choice – basketball!

Although Ru still faces limitations in life, her personality shines bright and impacts every person she encounters. This hometown superstar from Moore, SC has the biggest and most supportive community in her corner.

Due to her life-altering condition, Ru navigates each day in a wheelchair. Although her parents try to allow her to experience life similar to her peers, sometimes it can be difficult. This rising star loves to attend basketball games, however, she has never received the opportunity to sit close to the action due to the location of ADA seats in arenas.

Ru believes her life is better playing this sport she loves. Her ultimate sports dream would be to be VIP at the ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament and meet the collegiate players.

Ru's Dream

With a magical send-off at her school, Ru’s peers lined the hallways with posters to cheer her on. Ru loves Lamborghinis, so a Lamborghini from Mark A. Henry was waiting out front to take her on a few victory laps around the school! After a quick flight from CLT to DC, the team arrived at Conrad Hotels & Resorts, who surprised Ru with her very own signed basketball to celebrate the ACC Men’s Basketball Dream weekend ahead.

Day two of Ru’s ACC Network ACC Basketball Dream was incredible! The day started off with a private tour of Washington D.C., where the crews amazing tour guide, Joel, showed Ru all of the national monuments and even the White House which she was in total awe over! After exploring the city and having a quick lunch, it was time to get ready for the ACC basketball semi-finals. Our ACC guide, Celsey, showed Ru around the back of the stadium where the players hangout and she even met the University of Pittsburgh cheer team!

The fun didn’t stop there. Next, Ru met Kelsey Riggs, Joel Berry, Luke Hancock, and Taylor Tannenbaum. As always, they treated Ru & her family with so much kindness and made the experience even sweeter!

It was finally game time! The team headed to their seats to watch The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Men’s Basketball team take on University of Pittsburgh Men’s Basketball team. Ru cheered for the Tar Heels and watched their epic win! She was having so much fun we decided to stay for the second game which had the crowd going wild!

Day two of Ru’s ACC Basketball dream was one for the books!The day started with a trip to the international spy museum. Afterwards, the team had a bit of downtime to rest up for the big game. A delicious dinner at Sfoglina, a top rated Italian spot, fueled us up for the night. Ru’s favorite meal is fettuccine, so of course she ordered and loved that! The kind chef even gave her a special dessert!

After the incredible dinner, it was game time! Ru spent the first half cheering for The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill basketball before she was brought on the court during half time to be recognized in front of the entire arena! She even got to meet and hangout with their mascot, Rameses. The second half Ru spent cheering on the Tarheels, despite their tough loss Ru had such a blast and it was definitely a dream come true!

Thank you to Ru’s referral, the Rolling Tigers, and to our ACC guide, Celsey, as well as the rest of the ACC for helping make this dream so special!

Dream Snapshots