Meet Rubens

Meet Rubens! This 13-year-old from Chapel Hill, NC is truly the heartbeat of his community. Rubens has an undeniable gift for finding joy everywhere! He never fails to live in a considerate, compassionate, and positive way.

This dreamer is a testament that our choices show who we truly are, far more than our abilities. This remarkable athlete chooses to challenge himself through learning new sports. Rubens jumps rope for the Bouncing Bulldogs and is a strong competitor in multiple events at the Special Olympics. With his amazing talent and go-getter mindset, Rubens doesn’t let anything stand in his way!

Although Rubens’ address reads “Chapel Hill,” his loyalty lies with the Duke Blue Devils! He has been selected as the upcoming Duke Collegiate Dream Team Dream Kid and these students are excited to support a fellow Blue Devil fan and help him achieve his sports dream!