Meet Sky

Meet Sky! This 9-year-old is one of a kind. She has an energetic and spunky personality that you can’t help but adore. In her home, the love of basketball runs deep and spans generations. Every weekend Sky, her mom, and grandparents lock in on ESPN to watch the big NBA games – especially her hometown team, the Charlotte Hornets!

Sky battles with Epilepsy and as a result is unable to play the game she loves. Often suffering from seizures, muscle spasms, major headaches, and fainting, Sky misses out on school and time with her friends. However, even through all of the uncertainty, this animated little girl doesn’t allow her condition to dampen her spirit!

When Sky grows up she wants to become a basketball star. Her “why” is an inspiration to all. Sky says, “People say – do what you love – and I love playing basketball.” This dreamer shoots for the stars, and we love that! Her ultimate sports dream is to be VIP at a Charlotte Hornets game and watch her hero, LaMelo Ball, dominate the court!