Meet Skylar

Meet Skylar! This young man from High Point, NC is already conquering the world. This dreamer doesn’t wait for opportunities to find him because, at just 15-years-old, he has already started his own popcorn company and is a star player on his school’s basketball team! His heart is so big he even has high aspirations of becoming a detective so he can bring more good into the world.

Basketball has always been an important aspect of Skylar’s life. Since Skylar lives with Autism, his development has looked different than those of his peers. Skylar did not talk until he was 5 years old, so his main form of communication was through activity, especially basketball. As Skylar grew up, sports became a way for him to connect to his peers and the world around him, and now it’s become one of his biggest passions!

Skylar’s ultimate sports dream is to attend a Golden State Warriors home game and see his favorite player, Steph Curry, take the court! Skylar would love the chance to be in the same room with the team that has inspired him from such a young age.