Tristan's Dream

Meet Tristan

Meet Tristan! This 6-year-old from York, South Carolina has been climbing mountains since birth.

After Tristan was welcomed into this world, he was misdiagnosed with pneumonia. Months later, Tristan started struggling to breathe and was sent to Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte. Tests revealed a tumor on his lung which had devastatingly spread to his spinal cord. Tristan underwent surgery to remove the tumor as well as chemotherapy, however, the cancer caused permanent damage to his body. Since that day, Tristan has battled through 13 surgeries and never stops fighting for his future.

This adventurous kid loves the thrill and excitement of Monster Trucks! His favorite truck to watch compete is the world famous Earth Shaker. This dreamer even shares a name with the driver who quickly made Earth Shaker a winner on the track, Tristan England. Dream Kid Tristan’s sports dream is to ride in a Monster Truck!

Tristan's Dream

Dream Kid Tristan started the weekend off with a HUGE surprise, being greeted by his Dream Team, telling him that his dream to go to the Monster Jam was going to come true.

Fatter lots of fun at home, Tristan and his family headed off to an awesome experience at Omaggio Pizzeria. After pizza, Tristan headed over to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, his favorite!

Tristan and the crew then headed to the Spectrum Center to see the monster trucks up close and personal. Tristan was able to watch the trucks practice and he was happily surprised by how loud they were. Tristan was able to have great conversation with Tristan England, one of his favorite drivers. Tristan even got his new custom helmet signed by him AND got to sit in his truck! Then, after a quick power nap, the team headed to Fahrenheit where they enjoyed dinner with a beautiful city view.

To kick off day two of Tristan’s amazing Dream, he went to the Discovery Place Science to see his favorite superhero, Spiderman!

Tristan smiled from ear to ear when as he walked through the Marvel exhibits and his favorite part was the three-way-mirror way. He played in the mirrors playing with his reflections, making faces, holding up his stuffed animal, and giving himself high fives! He had a great time playing with the water exhibits as well. Tristan loved how interactive the whole experience was!

Tristan and his family then headed to the Spectrum Center to cheer during Monster Jam! Once all the trucks came out they had his attention.  Tristan and his family cheered for all the drivers, but he cheered the loudest for The Earth Shaker!

At the end of the Dream, Tristan and his family thanked Tristan’s Dream Team for giving them such a memorable experience that Tristan can remember and cherish for the rest of his life.

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