Meet Aiyana

Meet Aiyana, a 19-year-old college student who approaches life with a steadfast heart and embodies a passion for helping others discover their path to greatness. Aiyana is a student-athlete at South Carolina State in Orangeburg, SC and is a dancer who aspires to obtain a career in sports analytics.

In August 2022, Aiyana was hospitalized and diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis and learned that she was in desperate need of a new liver. Throughout this journey, Aiyana’s will, courage, and strength have been tested. However, she has proven there is no victory without a battle. After enduring this hardship, Aiyana received a liver transplant in December and truly believes she’s been gifted with a new life.

Aiyana’s fighting spirit is what connects her to the athletes that play at the highest level. Her dream is to attend Super Bowl LVIII to witness the talent and impact of the greatest NFL players in the game.

Aiyana's Dream

Aiyana’s first day of her Dream weekend kicked off with an early surprise at her house that included members of Dream On 3 as well as staff from DO3 Georgia Community referral partner, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Additional staffers even joined via Zoom to help celebrate the magical send off! Aiyana was packed and ready with her luggage, courtesy of the Falcons, along with her custom Dream On 3 Beats headphones, for an incredible limo ride to the airport.

The excitement and conversations about the incredible weekend ahead helped the flight fly by. After landing, a limo took the team to South Point Hotel and Casino, who have been so generous during this experience! The beautiful hotel has a ton to explore and Aiyana and the team were in awe of how stunning it is! We quickly headed out to dinner at Don Vito’s, an Italian Restaurant where the team devoured delicious pasta. Everyone enjoyed spending time together at dinner, sharing stories, and talking about the exciting weekend we had planned. After dinner, everyone settled in for the night to rest up more fun.

Day two of Aiyana’s Super Bowl Dream Experience was a blast! The morning started with a quick brunch at the hotel before preparing for Aiyana & her mom’s special spa treatment. They enjoyed their facials and massages, and came out feeling so refreshed before the rest of an exciting day where the team spent the afternoon walking around the Las Vegas Strip, admiring the gorgeous hotels and enjoying some of the Super Bowl festivities. After, we made our way through Caesar’s Palace and to the Cheesecake Factory, Aiyana’s favorite!

Day three = Super Bowl day! The big game day started off with a quick breakfast. After breakfast, the team headed to the strip where we took a few awesome photos at Mandalay Bay before heading to the stadium. Once we arrived, the crew walked around the crowds to experience the fun atmosphere and of course, went to the fan shop! We made our way to our seats, where we stayed the entire game. During halftime, Aiyana was starstruck watching her favorite singer, Usher perform! She sang and danced while repping her very own Usher t-shirt!

Although the crew was rooting for the 49ers, the experience was unreal and we had so much fun watching Aiyana live out her Dream! We ended the night by dancing and singing all the way back to the hotel after a long & eventful day.

Thank you to the Atlanta Falcons Community Relations team and to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for helping making Aiyana’s Dream come true!

Dream Snapshots