Anderson's Dream

Meet Anderson

Meet Anderson, a high-spirited 17-year-old from Bethesda, MD. This ambitious teenager has the ability to brighten everyone’s day and is full of life. Anderson is known as the “MVP” of Open Door Sports, a local high energy sports program for children with special needs. Regardless of Anderson’s “perceived” ability, the organization has shown him that everyone deserves the opportunity to play!

This loyal fan has followed the career of his role model – Carson Wentz since his 2016 NFL debut. Anderson is ecstatic that Wentz is now part of the Commanders – located only 30 minutes from his hometown. Anderson’s sports dream is to attend his first NFL game at FedEx Field and watch his idol, Carson Wentz!

Anderson's Dream

Dream Kid Anderson has loved Carson Wentz for as long as he can remember, and when Carson Wentz caught wind of this, he knew he had to give Anderson some love! Not only did Carson surprise Anderson and his family by gifting Anderson an autographed jersey, he also made sure to find Anderson pre-game on Sunday before he took the field. They shared a special moment together that Anderson will never forget!

In addition to 1:1 time with Carson Wentz, Anderson and his family enjoyed time at the National Harbor, toured the Commanders practice facility, met a number of Commanders players, tried of Jeff Bostic’s Super Bowl rings, met the Commanders new mascot, Major Tuddy, and enjoyed time on the sidelines at FedEx Field. Anderson even got to participate in the coin toss!

Thank you to everyone who helped make Anderson’s Dream come true. He has made memories with his family that will last a lifetime.

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