Meet Devin

Meet Devin! This kind young man has been dealt a tough hand in life, but hasn’t let it stop his passion for helping others.

After playing semi-pro hockey for three years after high school, Devin enrolled in his freshman year of college. While on the hockey team, he began to experience extreme fatigue and aches while working out and playing.

After visiting the doctor, they discovered an extremely large tumor, later found to be lymphoma, and immediately rushed him into surgery. Devin is currently recovering and is now back home in Colorado spending time with his family.

Devin has a huge heart for helping others and has used his situation as an opportunity to give back to his community. He dressed up on Halloween and passed out candy to children in the hospital, and is training to be a youth hockey coach for his former club.

Devin deeply admires Tim Tebow and his service to others, his deep faith, and how he carries himself. It would be a Dream come true for Devin to spend time with his idol!