Livingston's Dream

Meet Livingston

Meet Livingston, a goal-oriented 17-year-old who loves Georgia Bulldog football! He enjoys the electric atmosphere of Sanford Stadium and how the players unite together as an unstoppable program.

Livingston is an athlete and has been faced with a huge obstacle that continues to test his mental and physical strength. During a high school wrestling match at South Florence High School, his life changed forever. He and his opponent were caught in a “bad move” resulting in a C4-C5 spinal cord injury. Livingston was left paralyzed from the incident and spent four months in a rehabilitation program at the Shepard Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

During his therapy sessions, his competitive nature has been evident. Livingston works diligently to gain back his independence and navigate his new norm.

This hometown hero’s sports dream is to attend a game as a VIP UGA fan and cheer on the reigning National College Football Champs! Go Dawgs!

Livingston's Dream

Livingston’s Dream kicked off with a luxurious 4-hour road-trip to Athens, Georgia! He stated that he was “meant to live in luxury,” which is exactly what he deserves & got!

Livingston was welcomed with the sweetest surprise from the UGA Collegiate Dream Team, with candy, welcome signs, and posters. The surprises didn’t end here, he was gifted the coolest pair of kicks (Jordans of course) and his own Georgia Football jersey!

After the welcome party, the crew headed over to UGA Bookstore for a shopping spree. Livingston got all of the proper UGA attire for the big game on Saturday! Once he was geared up, a well deserved ice cream cone was our next stop. The crew headed over to Ben & Jerry’s and got to spend some time together, ending the sweet treat with our Dream On 3 Huddle!

After enjoying dessert before dinner, we decided to head to The Place for a proper meal. Thanks to The Place for taking care of our wonderful team and even covering the bill. Livingston and the crew enjoyed a delicious dinner and got to enjoy one another’s company all evening before heading back to the hotel to get a good nights rest to prepare for game day!

Day two  began with a delicious Chick-Fil-A breakfast with the UGA Collegiate Dream Team! The crew fueled up and headed back to the hotel to prepare for some game day action!

Livingston got decked out in his Georgia Football gear and we headed to the stadium. The excitement started with the Dawg-Walk, where Livingston met tons of players, Coach Kirby Smart and the mascot. The University of Georgia Redcoat Band set the scene, and made the whole experience feel so surreal for Livingston.

After a quick lunch break in the hospitality room, it was game time! We enjoyed the first quarter of the game and then made our way to the field where Livingston was featured on the Jumbotron! We stuck around enjoying the game on the field until halftime, then we got some snacks and headed back to our seats! Livingston got the meet the “REAL” bulldog mascot and the exciting day ended with a Georgia win!

Livingston and our team had such an amazing weekend filled with excitement and laughter!

Thank you to our National CDT Sponsor, Volvo Construction Equipment North America.

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