Meet Matthew

Meet Matthew – a 17-year-old Miami Dolphin superfan from Concord, NC! This high school senior is the official source of the latest Dolphins headlines and never misses out on an opportunity to rep the team’s official colors – aqua & orange!

After graduation, Matthew aspires to become a football coach because he loves the game and helping others meet their goals. A group of students who are a part of the Junior Dream Team at Concord High School are uniting to create an over-the-top sports-focused Dream Experience for their fellow classmate, Matthew, who lives with Autism.

Matthew is not the only person that follows the Dolphins at Concord High School. Principal and fellow Miami fan, Dr. Adam Auerbach, spends each day with Matthew analyzing the Dolphin players. In between practicing his footwork and perfecting his juke move, Matthew dreams of attending a game at Hard Rock Stadium and meeting the top performers on the team! FINS UP!

Matthew's Dream

The Concord High School Jr. Dream Team planned an epic school-wide send off for Matthew! It was the perfect way to kick off his Dream trip to Miami.

Matthew’s Dream day one started with our Dolphins rep, Ashley, gifting Matthew a replica helmet to carry around the facility with him! We headed to the cafeteria to eat breakfast with the team, and as the players came in they each made sure to stop, say hi, and sign his helmet.

Next, it was time to tour the facility. From the team meeting room to the locker room and weight room, Matthew got to see it all! In the equipment room, Matthew and his brother even got to pick out two limited edition team hats each. While we were walking around we ran into Jaylen Waddle AND Tua Tagovailoa! Matthew couldn’t believe it! He was grinning from ear to ear for the rest of the morning after that!

We then headed out to the practice field where the team was getting ready for the next day’s game. He got to watch them practice and when it was over, Coach Mike McDaniel invited Matthew into the huddle! It was such a special moment for Matthew getting to stand in the middle of all his favorite players.

On Sunday, the day started with Matthew waking up bright and early to put on his personalized Miami Dolphins jersey and other game day gear! The crew headed over to the stadium to attend a special tailgate event hosted by the team. Matthew took some photos with the Dolphins Cheer team and even got a shoutout by the event host for being at the game!

Following the tailgate, Matthew received a game day surprise of being on the sidelines to watch warm-ups! He was smiling ear to ear and was in disbelief that he was standing on the field where the game day action was about to take place.

Before kickoff, we made our way to our incredible end zone seats where Matthew and his family enjoyed a 30-0 victory with full hearts! We stayed until the very last moment, soaking up all of the fun. After the game we made our way to the Dan Marino statue outside of the stadium to see Dr. A, Matthew’s HS Principal and huge Dolphins fan! Matthew shared stories of what he got to experience. On our way home from the game Matthew kept saying “Today was my favorite day.”

We can’t thank the Miami Dolphins enough for all they did for Matthew! From beginning to end it was an amazing morning and a memory that Matthew will remember for the rest of his life. Way to go, Concord High School Jr. Dream Team!

Dream Snapshots