Robert's Dream

Meet Robert

Meet Robert! This 16 year old from Charlotte, NC may be the biggest football fan you’ve ever met! Robert spends all of his free time watching NFL highlights, testing his knowledge of football trivia, and dreaming of being a sportscaster. His infectious joy, and kind spirit radiates in every room he enters.

Robert’s passion for football is built on a foundation of brotherhood. His love for the game comes from playing sports with his twin brother growing up. However, Down syndrome has posed specific challenges that limit Robert’s ability to compete at the same level as his peers. Despite the challenges he faces, Robert has never let that stop him from being immersed in the world of sports.

Robert has always been everyone’s biggest supporter, and a shining example of what it means to be a part of a team. He served as the basketball team manager for his middle school, and this year he will be an assistant baseball team manager for his high school.

Robert’s ultimate sports dream it to go to the NFL Draft and to be in the same room as the many athletes he looks up to!

The Jr. Dream Team at South Mecklenburg High School has selected Robert as their dream recipient. This team recognizes the impact that Robert has, and the joy he brings to the South Meck community. They are working hard to make Robert’s dream of going to the NFL Draft come true!!

Robert's Dream

The South Mecklenburg High School Jr. Dream Team gave Robert an NFL Draft worthy send off right at school! Upon arrival in KC, the Dream Team met our new friend Colby with the Kansas City Royals who gave our team an outstanding tour of the stadium. Robert even left with autographed goodies! After dinner and watching the beginning of the draft, the Dream Team received the warmest welcome from Raphael Hotel who not only had goodies for Robert upon arrival, they made him his very own banner.

After a great breakfast on day two, the Dream Team went to Go Ape USA and spent the morning laughing and being challenged through all the courses. Robert grew confidence throughout the entire experience and we are so proud! He powered through some fear factors such as 40ft zip line and went down it with the brightest smile. After lunch, the team rode to the draft in a trolly provided by Showtime Transportation. Robert and his family watched the draft right up by the stage and loved every second of it!

On Draft Day, Robert and the Dream Team were whisked away to the NFL Draft in a stretch Hummer from Showtime Transportation, who provided stellar transportation all weekend. Upon arrival, Robert and his family were greeted by our friends at the NFL and were taken to their stage-side seats. Robert was able to get pictures with superfans from many different teams, which he loved. Robert’s big moment came when the Tennessee Titans made the 147th pick of the Draft, which Robert and his brother, Chris announced together. This dynamic duo got the most *epic* selfie on stage after announcing the Titans pick, Josh Whyle.

After spending some more time on scene at the Draft, Robert and his family returned to Chaz on the Plaza for another incredible meal and spent time talking about their fantastic experience. By the end of his Dream, Robert made friends with not only those at the NFL Draft, but also the Kansas City Missouri Police Department and the Kansas City Fire Department! Robert got a unique opportunity to explore a firetruck and solve a crime scene with local police officers after they arrived on scene outside the hotel to manage a minor accident.

Needless to say, Robert is now a legend in Kansas City!

Overall, this Dream was an incredible and unforgettable experience for Robert and his family thanks to Dream sponsors, the South Mecklenburg High School Jr. Dream Team, the NFL, the Titans, and Clancy & Theys Construction Company.

You’re a first round pick to us, Robert!

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