Meet Stormie

Meet Stormie! Just thinking about this fun-loving high school student will bring a smile to your face. Stormie loves being involved and being around others, creating a sense of community everywhere he goes. However, due to his life – altering condition, making close friends that see beyond his diagnosis has been a challenge.

Stormie has a passionate heart and values small moments that embody inclusion. His favorite memory was when he had the special task of flipping the coin at his high-school football game. This moment fueled his love for the sport and the game-day atmosphere.

Stormie is a true Raven fan and never misses an opportunity to watch his favorite QB – Lamar Jackson – lead Baltimore to a home field victory! Stormie’s ultimate sports dream would be to attend a Baltimore Ravens game and spend time on the sidelines!

Stormie's Dream

Stormie warmed up a cold December day with his warm smile and sunny personality! This amazing kid enjoyed time on field at the Baltimore Ravens game on Christmas Eve, ringing in the holiday season in the best way possible. Along with being VIP at the Ravens game, Stormie and his family enjoyed time at the Baltimore Aquarium and stellar accommodations at the Four Seasons Baltimore.

It was pure magic seeing Stormie spend this time with his family, who he loves so much!

Thank you to the Loyola Collegiate Dream Team for helping to make this Dream possible!

Dream Snapshots