Extraordinary Impact: The UM Collegiate Dream Team

UM Collegiate Dream Team

The University of Miami Collegiate Dream Team

A Record-Breaking Year of Fundraising and Community Impact

At the University of Miami (UM), the 2023-24 Collegiate Dream Team (CDT) has not only created unforgettable sports experiences for children with life-altering conditions but also set a new benchmark for fundraising success. Leading this remarkable team are co-captains Skylah Klein and Annie Blair, whose dedication and passion have brought dreams to life in extraordinary ways.

Discovering a Passionate Mission

Skylah Klein, one of the driving forces behind UM’s CDT, first learned about the program through her co-captain Annie. “I heard about the CDT program through Annie, who was inspired by a friend from home who captained the George Washington University CDT. When she called me to co-captain with her, it was an easy Yes!” Skylah recalls. The mission of Dream On 3 resonated deeply with her as a collegiate athlete passionate about giving back to her community.

Exceeding Expectations

Skylah’s involvement with the CDT has far surpassed her initial expectations. “The overall experience was even better than I envisioned. It was special to gather a large group of UM students and work so hard to raise the funds and then put on two incredible dreams and a Day Dream during my time with the CDT. We created such special relationships with our Dream Kids and the community through this.” One of the highlights of their efforts was fulfilling a basketball dream for Kyle, a 9-year-old living with Down syndrome. The joy and excitement on Kyle’s face during the dream weekend captured the essence of the CDT’s mission.

Skylah Klein (co-captain) and members of the UM Collegiate Dream Team
Kyle's weekend was full of surprises
Dream Kid Kyle is a true baller
Kyle with co-captains Skylah and Annie
Fundraising Success: A Personal Touch

Achieving the highest fundraising total of any CDT to date was no small feat. Skylah attributes their success to personal outreach and leveraging social media. “I had done some fundraising in other clubs I was part of. For others doing this, I would say reaching out to people in your circle is huge. We posted on Instagram and Facebook and sent the link personally to others. Being able to describe how special and important this is to people you love makes the process start off on the right note.”

Being able to describe how special and important this is to people you love makes the process start off on the right note.

The Power of Smiles and Teamwork

For students considering joining a CDT, Skylah has a heartfelt message: “Students on other campuses should participate because it is such a happy experience. I have never smiled bigger than I did during dream weekend. Seeing all the planning come to life is great, but seeing the happiness on the faces of the dream kid and their family makes it all so worth it.”

Skylah’s connection with the Dreamers had a profound impact on her. “Our two dreamers in the last two years had such an incredible impact on me. I think about them all the time and reminisce on all the great memories we created together.”

Looking Ahead

As Skylah prepares to graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration and pursue a Masters in Sports Administration, she reflects on the significance of her experience. Recently awarded the Vice President’s Award for Service, Skylah’s contributions to the CDT have left a lasting legacy at UM.

“Finally, I just want to say thank you to Dream On 3 and everyone involved for making this such a special experience and creating an extended family for me. I am so excited to watch our CDT grow and watch Dream On 3 as a whole grow and expand. It is such an amazing organization, and I am lucky to be a small part of it.”

Sky Kleine’s story is a testament to the power of passion, teamwork, and community. The University of Miami CDT’s record-breaking year is not just about numbers but about the countless smiles and memories created along the way. Through their efforts, they have shown that when dedicated individuals come together, they can truly make dreams come true.

Skylah Klein, Goalkeeper for Miami Hurricanes Women's Soccer Team
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